Window Cleaning

Rocky Mountain Property Maintenance provides professional window cleaning services. Our professional technicians provide professional quality service at very affordable prices.

At RMPM we feel the appearance of your building can effect on how your customers view your business or property as they enter your building. We clean the windows for all types of businesses across Calgary and surrounding areas. We service buildings up to 4 stories, individual commercial and industrial units, condominium properties, retirement residents and more. 

We use a revolutionary Pure waterfed pole cleaning system, giving us access to heights of a four story building without any additional or expensive equipment. Using water fed poles for window cleaning is a lot quicker and safer than using other access methods for window cleaning.

We take regular tap water and filter it through our multi stage filtration system in order to produce spot free water.  The pure water system removes all of the impurities and minerals from the water. This is done 100% without any chemicals.

Next, the purified water then travels through a lightweight water hose to the pole and through a soft yet incredibly effective scrubbing brush.

These brushes are used to scrub and clean your glass and window frames. While scrubbing, this highly purified water is rinsing and cleaning the surface.  Once the water on the surface dries, the windows are left spot free and crystal clear.

If we can be of assistance with any of your maintenance requirements, we would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs and objectives to see if we can help you obtain your overall goals. Here are a few of the types of properties we service.

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